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Blockchain technology proves every day that it has enormous potential in the modern world, as various fields of technology such as communications, decentralized finance, and art have entered, and the time has come for Blockchain technology to enter the field of social media. Hence the idea of BFETas the first token to enter the field of social media, to provide solutions that the current means of communication have not been able to solve so far. It provides the world with a decentralized social media platformFooshia, which can share profits with holders of BFET tokens and is not subject to government policies.

BFET has a max supply number of tokens, it will never be increased, it works with the policies of distributing the return on transfers to all members. the total number 16,000,180,000 (yes, we love the golden ratio) If you don't know what it is, here's a summary:

Golden Ratio (phi = φ) is often called The Most Beautiful Number In The Universe. The reason φ is so extraordinary is because it can be visualized almost everywhere, starting from geometry to the human body itself! The Renaissance Artists called this “The Divine Proportion” or “Golden Ratio”.

If you don’t like reading, just watch this video:

Golden Ratio = Mind Blown!

(According to BFET's (smart contract) (You can review the smart contract to be sure from here

You will be a shareholder in the first innovative global social media platform based on blockchain technology

BFET will be tradable on various platforms & also through our social network fooshia & fooshia App

BFET is a reflective token, that means the trnx fees will be redistributed to all BFET holders

BFET WALLET & BFET PAY for all people around the world

A percentage of revenue from its social media platform

AFunding through partnership for creative ideas around the world away from the complexities of bureaucracy



The current transcontinental social media is subject to the policies of its government and is mostly American, reaps huge profits that it keeps for itself, and all it develops is increasing its control over minds and directing people to serve its advertising policies.


Establishing a social media that is not subject to the policies of a particular country and shares profits fairly with its participants, and its motto is to advance society and the human race (Yes, we know that it is difficult, but trust me, it is not impossible, even Tom Cruise is able to do it)


BFET is a payment method and a share at the same time, it does not need the approval of a securities authority and it can reach all parts of the world and can be traded easily, all you need is your mobile phone and BFET.

Fooshia is a new, transparent social media platform that focuses on quality, not quantity. It provides equal opportunities for everyone around the world to express their views. BFET & Fooshia, they'll do the job through the butterfly effect.


problems with current social media

Profit Monopoly

Profit is limited to a very small percent of user. There is no distribution of profits to members

Quality comes last

It focuses on the amount of content, not the quality, and supports influencers just having a lot of followers, even if their content is worthless.

Restirictions everywhere

Politicized censorship of members' content. Banning accounts without compelling reasons.

No more growth

It has reached peak growth and can't stay like this for long. It's over


Solutions offered by BFET & Fooshia

Profit Share

distribution its revenue dividends to its members and BFET holders

Blockchain Socialmedia

- A free decentralized social media platform at the beginning of its rise based on modern technology (Blockchain).

Everyone is Partner

Focuses on the owners of useful content for the community and supports them to become influencers

Rapid Growing

It is rapidly growing as it relies on the blockchain as a basis and not as a secondary addition.

The main problem with most of current social media platforms

The current social media laws are unable to adapt to the issue of profit distribution and free access by all peoples of the earth equally to all its services
due to its reliance on paper currencies and its commitment to the laws and policies of the US government and its unwillingness to distribute profits to members.

The Solution An innovative new platform whose basic law is built on 3 foundations

Ensuring free access to all its services from anywhere in the globe.

Distributation of its profits to members and holders of BFET.

Supporting innovative projects around the world without restrictions. And a means of payment for all projects

You do not need approval from any government agency,No documents and guarantees. One mobile phone is enough for all of this.

Fooshia Social Network, BFET Project #1

What is fooshia

Fooshia is a new social media platform that works on the basis of distributing profits to members, where you can create a personal account, pages and groups to promote your interests and business,In addition, it is the first social media platform to adopt digital currencies for payments. A digital currency wallet will also be added in it so that all members will be able to sell, buy and keep their digital currencies.Fooshia is a website, timeline mobile application and messenger for Android and iOS.



  1. - Translated into languages 5 billion inhabitants of the planet (15 universal language) and counting
  2. - You can earn cryptocurrency by publishing posts and interacting with others’ posts
  3. - You can post and express your thoughts anonymously without having to change your account
  4. - It adopts digital currencies as a means of payment
  5. - It contains a digital currency wallet for all members
  6. - It is not subject to the policies of a particular country.
  7. - Focuses on supporting the owners of useful content for their community to be influential
  8. - Any user in the world can post and manage ads using cryptocurrency payment (there are no prohibited countries)
  9. - You can see who visited your profile and get to know Fooshia users in your area or city

BFET with Fooshia

BFET is a payment method and a share at the same time, it does not need the approval of a securities authority and it can reach all parts of the world and can be traded easily, all you need is your mobile phone and BFET.

Fooshia SocialApps

Fooshia Timeline

TimeLine Application


Download it now from Fooshia Timeline

Fooshia Messenger

Messenger Application


Download it now from Fooshia Messenger

How it works

1- Building a secure and modern smart contract that provides all the requirements for dealing with social media platforms, with a specific number that can never be exceeded, and it follows the policies of distributing transfer fees to the rest of BFET Token holders fairly transfer fees are 1.5 percent yes it is low because we want to give our customers ease of movement their property. 70% of the transfer fee will be distributed to token holders. And 30% go to a closed wallet for developing the social networking site Fooshia. We love Velocity We don't like staking because we believe that holders of BFET PLEASE REPLACE THE ENGLISH TOO

2- Starting a huge marketing campaign for BFET token & Fooshia social media. in various countries of the world.

Develope BFET network:

I- BFET wallet

II- BFET Pay app

III- BFET payment Card

3- Starting BFET trading on the trading platforms in conjunction with the start of using it as a payment method to finance advertisements on the Fooshia platform. And the design of an API that can be provided to websites to accept BFET as a payment method

4- Enjoy the best investment of your life


Below we’ve provided a bit of answers about BFET. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via Socialmedia or email:

- What does BFET mean: Boyfriend’s Entertainment!!! WTF??

In fact, it means the ButterFly Effect SM. And you can choose one of the two expressions

No, but he is currently taking flying courses.

No, but we know where it came from (it came from the planet of Coronas)

We believe in cryptocurrencies

All you have to do is provide us with your BEP20 wallet address,Metamask wallet, trust wallet, or any wallet that supports BEP20 (Binance smart chain) and we will send the tokens with the bonus to your account.

No, Fooshia is the beginning and through BFET we will support any project or platform that provides solutions to people away from the complexities of governments and bureaucracy. So we welcome all like-minded people to join us.


Our roadmap is a planned where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions


Core Team Members

Dr. Ahmad Kassem
Founder & investor
Rowan Marshall
Blockchain ecosystem expert
Jeff Kaspersky
Data scientist
Syed Owais Chishti
Sr.AI Consultant
Kinnan Anders
Full stack web developer
Blockchain developer


Download the whitepaper and learn about BFET Token, the unique BFET Crypto approach.

White Paper(PDF)
One Pager(PDF)
SmartContract on GitHub(PDF)